The Aromatic Life allows for Convenience.

AromaGo AromaSticks
Clinical Aromatherapy On-the-Go


We make self-care easy.

Imagine tapping into the power of aromatherapy at any time and any where. Find inspiration & motivation, focus & destress and more with snack-sized aromatherapy on the go.  Our AromaGo AromaSticks are discreet, convenient and fast acting any time you need a pick-me-up, a shift in perspective or to chill the heck out. Perfect for the workplace, the car, for anyone in mobile work positions like sales and marketing and mobile healthcare providers.  The sky is the limit with convenience like this.

Available individually or purchase in bulk for employees, customers, swag, gifts, parties, and events.

Interested in elevating your business and tapping into the power of aromatic marketing? Contact us for private label options.  AromaSticks are perfect for senior living, hospice, medical clinics, spas, IV clinics, car dealerships, realtors and more.

AromaGo AromaStick BULK Packages:

10 AromaSticks: $120 ($12 each)
25 AromaSticks: $200 ($8 each)
50 AromaSticks: $300 ($6 each)
100+ AromaSticks: $500 ($5 each)





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