Caregiver Wellness SelfCare Kit


SelfCare made easy.

The Aromatic Life is a must as a CareGiver.  Our CareWell kits makes self care easy.  Find joy, motivation & focus and destress with snack-sized aromatherapy on the go.  Our AromaSticks are discreet, convenient and fast acting any time you need a pick-me-up, a shift in perspective or to chill the heck out.  AromaWell CareWell SelfCare kits include 5 AromaSticks + a small satin carrying back to keep their precious magic safe and secure.

How to Use AromaWell’s AromaGo AromaStick Inhalers

AromaSticks are a discreet, easy way to gain the benefits of aromatherapy no matter where you are.  Unlike diffusion, AromaSticks are personal and do not influence others (unless you share).   To use an AromaStick:

  • Remove the cap and hold the AromaStick Inhaler near your nose (some like to put them in the opening of the nostril for a stronger, more direct effect but this is not necessary and some find some blends are too strong).
  • At first, sniff like a puppy with short, quick inhales to pull the essential oil blend directly into the olfactory nerve at the base of where your nose meets your skull.  This is actually more direct and faster acting than starting with long, deep inhales and exhales.
  • Release a big sigh on your exhale and then begin to take deeper longer inhales and exhales which draws the blend deeper into the mind and body.
  • Allow your belly and chest to expand on your inhale and fully exhale with each breath.
  • Perhaps close your eyes (but not if you’re driving!) and begin to picture an image that makes you happy or a goal or intention you might have in that moment.  Example: if you’re about to begin a project and you’re working with a work-related blend, see yourself finishing your project with success!
  • Continue to breath normally or deeply for up to 3 minutes with your AromaStick.

Always replace the cap tightly and store in a cool, dry place.

AromaWell oils are pure, potent and powerful.

Never use 100% pure essential oils on the skin without diluting.

Do not ingest essential oils.

The information presented on this website has not been evaluated by the FDA. Statements made here are for informational purposes only and they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The customer is responsible for understanding the safe application of these products.





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