Inhale new goals, exhale old habits.  

Have you ever had a great plan to make positive changes at the turn of New Year?  Yes, we all have.

Yet, sometimes our best intentions don’t get much further than February before they are forgotten.

Why is that and is there anything we can do to solidify our plans and train our brain to stick to them?

The answer is YES!

Just like a house cannot be built on an unstable foundation, our goals need support.  This is where intentional Aromatherapy comes in. Essential oils can be a powerful tool to manifest changes in your life.

Aromatic molecules mean serious business.   Not only do they impact our physical goals (for example, if your goal is to lose weight – grapefruit helps detoxify and curb food cravings), but they influence our mood and motivation levels and thus, our mindset.   Essential oils and their pleasant aroma ignite the unconscious brain, aiding it in creating positive changes.  The best part is we can recreate this state of mind every time we take a whiff because scent memory is so powerful. 

What is Scent Memory?

There’s a reason inhaling Rosemary while studying and test taking improves test scores in students.  Yes, the chemicals in Rosemary improve cognition.  However, there’s more to it.  The sense of smell is one of the strongest links to our memory.   When we intentionally smell Rosemary while studying and then when test taking – the mind recalls what it learned/experienced the last time it smelled Rosemary.  Hence, the better tests scores in our example.  This is Scent Memory.  Similarly you might smell a perfume that reminds you of a time you spent your grandmother when you were little.  Scent memory is very powerful!

Aromatic Manifestation

Combining the power of essential oils, scent memory and simple manifestation tools is a powerful way to create change.  Select an oil or oils to support your goals or create a Signature Intention Blend.  Then, develop an Aromatic Manifestation ritual to link the brain to your intention and create an anchor in your memory bank.  Every time you experience the oil(s), your brain recalls your specific goal, the version of you you’re working toward, and sparks all the details and motivation you need to get there.

A daily Aromatic Manifestation ritual includes inhaling your oils and pausing to focus on your goals while doing so.  Then, bring your oil with you to support your goals and get you into the right mindset when you need it most.