Smell Good, Feel Good:

5 Ways to Clean Well with Essential Oils

One of the easiest ways to live an Aromatic Life is to clean with essential oils. Unlike modern cleaners that are full harmful chemicals, oils are a non-toxic, earth friendly way to get the job done!  Not only are essential oils naturals at busting through germs and odors but inhaling them while you clean boosts the mood and the immune system – what a great combo while tackling that dreadful house cleaning!


Rather than use laundry detergents that contain strong artificial fragrance that can lead to allergies, headaches and impact our health long term, use fragrance free and add a few drops of essential oil to each load.  Also purchase unscented dryer sheets and add a drop or two before drying!  Our favorites are orange and lemon because they are highly antibacterial and bust through tough odors, and lavender and eucalyptus for their germ fighting power and refreshing aroma.  However, all essential oils are antimicrobial so explore our shop and get creative and use what you love!


Wiping down the place?  Add one drop of oil to a warm wash cloth and wipe away germs!  Or add a few drops to a sink of soapy water before cleaning.  Most oils are antibacterial to some extent but citrus, tea tree and tree oils (like pine or spruce) are powerful.   We also love using our blend Resistance, which busts through viruses, bacteria, molds and fungi and is a super booster to the immune system!  Never use this method on finished wood surfaces.  Instead, use a microfiber cloth and occasionally polish with this recipe:

  • ¼ cup olive oil or any other carrier oil you have on hand
  • ¼ cup white vinegar
  • 10 drops any citruses, pine or spruce

Mix into a spray bottle and shake well .  Spray on to a microfiber cloth before use to clean wood and give it a shiny fresh glow.