Pure. Potent. Powerful.

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What Makes an Oil “Good”?

This is a question that comes up often and it’s an important one.  Whether we’re working with individuals, medical professionals, or businesses how to tell if an oil is “good” seems to be on everyone’s mind.

When we think of “good” oil, three words come to mind:
Pure. Potent. Powerful.

The aromatic experience should be a positive one and aromatherapy should add to your life.  When essential oils are Pure, Potent and Powerful – that’s almost a guarantee.  However, not the case when low quality oil enters the scene.  “Bad” oil may simply not work or even leave you feeling worse.

As aromatherapy grows in popularity, so does the range of quality.  On one hand you might find inexpensive oil that is poorly produced or worse, not pure because it has been mixed with synthetic adulterants.  One the other hand you may run into overpriced hype from companies seeking to take advantage of their consumer.

At AromaWell our promise is to provide the most valuable essential oils of the highest quality while also aiding you in developing your own “Aromatic Intuition”.   We will always source from sustainable producers that understand what it means to create something Pure, Potent and Powerful.  Here’s what we expect from the oils we source:


From the “Soil to the Oil” the aromatic plant is not exposed to anything that would alter its purity.  You know it’s good because we promise the following:

  • The plant starts its life in healthy soil and clean conditions absent from pesticides and herbicides
  • The same plant reaches its fate as an essential oil free from any aromatic synthetics or other adulterants added during or after distillation.
  • Many of our oils have been produced organically
  • Some of our best oils are actually sourced from plants grown the wild
  • All plants are from sustainable sources – no bad karma
  • Our essential oils are lab tested to be certain they do not contain any contaminants and only pure essential oil goes into our bottles, period.


The aroma owns its character and it packs a punch. You know it’s good because you can smell it.  Expert production leads to potency.  Plants are grown in native geographical regions, during the proper season and under the ideal climate conditions.  Once the plant matter is ready, the art of distillation becomes paramount.  The result is a potent aroma consistent with the personality of the plant.  Some variation in aroma is expected from season to season but a level of consistency should also be established from a particular variety.  One of the best ways to know if an oil is “good” is to get to know it.  The trained nose will know. Ours does and eventually yours will, too.


A good essential oil has a soul with a purpose to evoke positivity and healing for those experiencing it. You know it’s good because you can feel it.  Powerful oil has something to share like a wise, old sage.  Often referred to as the immune system of the plant, quality essential oil has medicinal properties that support it throughout its life by defending it from pests, bacteria, viruses and help it thrive by attracting pollinators.

The degree of power an essential oil may hold is connected to the plant’s genetics and journey through life.  In fact, this is why we love to source essential oils from wild grown plants.  A plant’s ability to successfully adapt to the environment in which it grows yields the experience and strength to develop strong genetics naturally.  The resulting oil produces powerful properties our bodies can benefit from also.  You will know they are powerful because they deliver on their promise.  They work and it shows.

Finding good oil doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  While other companies simply tell you their oil is good, you should learn how to know for yourself.  AromaWell’s goal is to establish trust and help you develop your own “Aromatic Intuition”.  This way each time you crack open the bottle – you know it’s good.

Remember the 3 P’s and your Aromatic Intuition will grow.

Good oil should be Pure, Potent and Powerful.  Next time you smell an oil ask yourself:  Does it smell like it came from the earth? Does it make you feel good? Does it impart a little bit of magic? Does it work? If you can confidently answer with a yes then you have a good oil.